Board Of Directors

Mark A Smith – CEO BA LLB (Admitted Attorney)

Mark completed his articles and practised as an attorney for a few months before joining Shield Trading Corporation Ltd (“Shield”) as legal advisor. Mark was also the managing director of Infophone (Pty) Limited which operated telephony services in the premium rate service industry where he gained experience in the audiotex telephony platform. In 1991, Mark was appointed joint managing director of Shield. In 1992, Massmart Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Wooltru Limited, acquired 66% of Shield and Mark was appointed the managing director of Shield. In May 1995, Mark was also appointed a director of Massmart Holdings (Pty) Ltd, the holding company of Shield, Makro and Dion. As managing director of Shield, Mark was responsible for 450 franchised outlets and responsible for sales of R1.3 billion. The total market share of Shield’s outlets totalled (collectively) approximately R6 billion. In February 1997, Mark phased out of Shield to start FoneWorx.

Mark has extensively researched Identity Verification applications and also attended courses on the subject matter. In addition, Mark has consulted widely with a number of legal professionals and industry bodies to acquire extensive knowledge in the area of Identity Verification.

Mark has also developed an extensive business training course orientated around the small, medium and micro enterprises and lectures on a broad range of topics in the Virtual Business Centre management courses in the Cognition Academy.

Mark has consulted widely with environmental experts on climate change and has also presented papers at various climate change conferences. In addition, Mark holds a number of workshops on climate change and restoration of local eco systems in line with climate mitigation and adaptation.

Pieter A Scholtz – Financial Director (CA(SA)) B.Com (Acc), B.Com Honours, CTA, CIMA

Pieter qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 2001 and passed the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) final examination in 2002. He served his articles at the Johannesburg office of the Auditor-General where he stayed on until May 2005. During this period he was the appointed Training Officer for all the SAICA trainees within the Johannesburg Office, specialising in Performance Auditing and was the Senior Manager in charge of numerous high profile government audits within the Gauteng Province.

In June 2005, Pieter joined the Commission for Gender Equality as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In December 2006 Pieter was offered the position of Group Finance Manager for Blue IQ Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a government held entity focusing on infrastructure development throughout the Gauteng province. In February 2008 he was appointed as the Financial Director of FoneWorx.

Graham Groenewaldt – Sales Director

Graham began his career at Telkom in the technical department and became a department supervisor at the age of 21 after which he was promoted to Zone Manager. Following his time at Telkom, Graham co-founded Qualicom, specialising in servicing and maintenance of PABX and telecommunications equipment. Teleboss later bought Qualicom and Graham stayed on as Operations Director. In 1992, he left Teleboss to become an independent consultant. In 1995 Graham returned to Teleboss as Managing Director of the Johannesburg region. After managing Teleboss for four years he took up the position as CEO of TeleMessage in October of 1999 and in December was appointed to the board of directors as Managing Director. Telemessage was merged with a subsidiary of Cognition Holdings Ltd, formerly FoneWorx Holdings Ltd, in 2003.